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Thread: Good Rifle Course to Take

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    Good Rifle Course to Take

    Can anyone recommend a good 2 day rifle course?
    Something touches on 300-500 yard engagement, low light & CQB? Also works with rifle to pistol transitions.

    I have no preference on the geographical region.

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    If your looking for extended ranges you’ll probably find that courses are oriented towards that won’t offer much cqb related stuff. Sentinel Concepts and DeFoor Proformance offer scoped carbine classes.

    Low light classes are offered by a number of instructors. Haley Strategic, Redback One, TMACs just to name a few.

    Rifle/pistol transitions vary by company and specific course. CQB is tactics. Find a course that’s going to suit your situation. If your not on a team, don’t take a team course. Look for something like a home defense or vehicle defense class. It would make no sense for you to take a team tactics class that requires three+ guys to enter a room when it would be you and maybe your significant other.

    What you’ve listed as training goals is a minimum of two separate classes, if not three. And here’s the obligatory “take a med class too” comment.
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    Valor Ridge's "Rifleman I" was fantastic although it didn't deal with low-light tactics.

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    Redback One's combat carbine course is awesome, Jason also offers HD classes but they are fairly rare I think. Warrior Poet Society would be another one to look at, though I haven't actually trained with him yet.
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