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Thread: Who else loves "The Test"?

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    Who else loves "The Test"?

    Who else loves the 10-10-10 drill made popular by Ken Hackathorn and Larry Vickers, called "The Test" ... Hackathorn is a tad more forgiving than the LAV. I've taken a number of classes with LAV and he always uses it to humble the arrogant and encourage those who aspire to greatness. He shoots himself and usually smokes it. He then likes to make it even more challenging by increasing the distance by three yards until everyone fails horribly.

    It is a rigorous test of fundamentals.

    The timer and the hits on the bull do not lie.

    I spent several hours out at my gun club today kicking my own ass with it.

    I smoked it at 7 yards pretty handily after warming up, cleaned the bull in 8 seconds at 7.

    10 yards proved more of a challenge, and I never did clean the target entirely, though I did pass with only one outside the black several times.

    It is important to not overdo the drill, that is, take some rests, breathe and hit it again, but after a few hundred rounds, you are through.

    If you are not familiar with it, here's the drill, and you can improvise all kinds of variations of it, scaling it up and down per your wants/desires for testing yourself and developing speed and accuracy.


    B-8 bullseye target at 10 yards, 10 shots in 10 seconds, all in the black. Vickers and Hackathorn let students do it from the low ready, not "nearly on target" but a true low ready. I can manage my way at 7 yards to clean the target from the draw.

    Ten yards remains my nemesis. I've yet to clean it perfectly, all black, in ten seconds. Each time I think I have that damn timer beeps again and missed it by .5 second, or 1 second, or two and have one outside the black.

    I love this f**ckn drill. You should too.

    Push yourself hard. And then push some more.

    Variations include:

    The Half Test: Five yards; 10 rounds; five seconds; from the holster

    Or 7-7-7, etc.

    GREAT FUN. Much learning.

    Trigger discipline and good and consistent picture. This drill WILL kick your ass, no doubt. And that is a good thing. In a real fight, usually at closer distances, your groups will open up, so this is a great way to train for the fight.

    Here is an article form VICKERS posted on Ammoland, for more details.

    Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2016/01/lar...#ixzz5GXJH4Yu0
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
    Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

    Fayetteville, N.C. -(Ammoland.com)- In this newsletter, I'm going to highlight a couple drills I do in my handgun classes that are personal favorites of mine.

    They are very challenging, but like all good drills, they can be tailored to best match the skill level of the shooter.
    “The Test”

    First up is the handgun drill I call “The Test.” Some also call it the 10-10-10 drill. I originally got it from my good friend and mentor Ken Hackathorn. The target is a B-8 bullseye replacement center on the chest area of a brown cardboard IPSC or IDPA target. The drill is quite simple:

    On a timer, shoot 10 shots from your choice of trigger finger straight ready position (as long as it's not the “Rob Jenson low ready” – less than a half inch below the target line !!!!). The goal is to put all the shots into the black bullseye in 10 seconds or less. Distance to target is 10 yards. Scoring is simple: any shot out of the black but still in the white paper of the B-8 is one second added to your time. Any shot in the brown cardboard off of the white paper is 3 seconds added to your time. Add any shots out of the black to the time it took you to shoot the drill and this gives you the overall time. If you’re under 10 seconds you pass – if you’re over you fail. Plain and simple.

    This is not an “Obama” drill where close is good enough and everyone is a winner regardless of your score. This is a classic “Reagan” drill where you either pass or, if you fail, strap it on, put the work in, and if you apply yourself you can eventually pass the drill.

    Passing “The Test”

    This an excellent pistol skill drill that is very challenging for newer shooters. What I tell students is if it is kicking your ass then do it closer – try 7 or 8 yards instead of 10. Move in to a distance where you can pass it routinely in the allotted time of 10 seconds. Then back up one yard at a time until you master it at that distance – keep moving back until you can pass “The Test” at 10 yards.

    Then pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

    If you’re a skilled shooter and the standard version is fairly easy, then try the same drill from the draw instead of the ready. If that is still too easy then start using the scoring rings with a total possible of 100 points. Using the scoring rings the standard is 90 points or above is passing and 95 and above is excellent. Shooting a 95 and above in under 10 seconds from 10 yards from the draw is superb shooting in anyone's book. I have less than a handful of students a year that can achieve that level of shooting skill on demand.

    “The Half Test”

    A variation on this drill is called “The Half Test” – it is done at 5 yards on a B-8 bullseye center and the time allotted is 5 seconds. Sadly for many shooters the shots fired remains at 10. This uses the same scoring method as the standard Test that is conducted at 10 yards. It is also done from the ready with the “Rob Jenson low ready” not allowed.

    The “Half Test” is very challenging and newer shooters struggle to pass it. With only 5 seconds allowed to pass it any shots out of the black are to be avoided. Once again if it is too tough try it closer until you master it. And also, for skilled shooters, adding the draw and/or scoring rings into the mix bring this drill to a whole new level.

    Try these drills next time

    Students who have been in my classes will recognize these drills. They are staples of my Advanced Pistol one day classes. Try them next time you hit the range to see how you measure up to “The Test.”

    Be safe – LAV out.

    Larry Vickers
    Master Sergeant (Retired)
    US Army SOF Combat Veteran


    About Larry Vickers:

    Larry Vickers is a retired career special operations soldier with 20-plus years of service to our country. A longtime 1st SFOD- Delta operational member, he was a key player in the small arms marksmanship expertise and weapons selection of that Unit. He brings a very unique set of skills to the market, and has a wide and varied background in the firearms industry.

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    Awesome stuff!

    Will have to give these a try when I get an opportunity this weekend.

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    I've taken two pistol classes with lav, he's a great teacher. He's not scared to push you. You want to truly get your ass handed to you, try "the humbler" that one is a bitch.

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    But have you tried the "Ultimate Humbler"

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    I love the Test and I shoot it very often. I only ever shoot it at 10 yards. I have shot it clean (100%) three times.
    I have one on video if no one believes me.
    I shot it clean with a VP9, an M&P9 and a Glock 17.
    One interesting feature of The Test that I have found is that it can be very useful when installing a new set of sights.
    When I install a new set of sights, I will shoot The Test and make adjustments if necessary.
    "Perfect Practice Makes Perfect"
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    I suck at these kinda things, tried the test before but the end was sad

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    I do it at the beginning of each range trip. cold and without any warm up. Then I also try to do it again at the end of my range trips.

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    I use The Test a lot. Also the Half Test, which is 10 rounds 5 yards 5 seconds. And the extended (I think you can call it that) which is 10 rounds 15 yards 15 seconds.

    But really the way I test carry guns (in this context) is the Super Test. You do the 15 yard/second, the 10 yard/second, and the 5 yard/second on the same target and score by the rings out of 300. 270/300 under par is the minimum to pass.

    "Advanced" = drawing from concealment or duty holster instead of low ready.

    Bonus points for every round in the black not just scoring 90/100 or 270/300
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    Quote Originally Posted by par-archer View Post
    I do it at the beginning of each range trip. cold and without any warm up. Then I also try to do it again at the end of my range trips.
    Yup. Same here. Very simple and effective test.

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