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Thread: Vortex Crossfire red dot for inexpensive RDS?

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    Vortex Crossfire red dot for inexpensive RDS?

    Anyone have any experience with this one? Seems like a good option along the lines of the Primary Arms/Holosun offering. Vortex is well known for their customer service so it seems like this would be a solid option in it'a price range. It's listed at $149 on Midway, Brownells, etc. and comes with a lower 1/3 mount.


    Any feedback is welcome!
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    I got drunk last night and ordered a Crossfire for my 10/22 and a Sparc AR for my 9mm carbine. They're range toy/plinker builds so I wasn't concerned with high end red dots. My main reasoning was pretty much what you're thinking, Vortex has a solid reputation and the warranty is among the best in the industry. I know other companies that offer cheap red dots have lifetime warranties, but I just felt more comfortable with Vortex and feel like they're not going anywhere.

    As far as pricing if you search on dun.deals you can get the Crossfire for $125/free shipping.

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    I bought one a few weeks ago, and I've taken it to indoor ranges a couple times. It was easy to zero, and it's held it so far on a 5.56 AR. The dot it round and the brightness levels are appropriate. The battery won't last 5 years, but if I turn it off occasionally, I expect it to last a year. I'm going to move it to a 308 for a few months, and will beat on it while atop a 12 gauge in a couple weeks.

    If it still works as well in a few months as it does now, I'm going to get another one.

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