Midwest Industries is always innovating and improving weapons to make them a better tool for the tasks we use them for.

While we have always been conscious of weight, we have also always been very careful to never compromise strength or features.

We know our handguards are used on rifles that very well may go into harms way. We take this responsibly very seriously and want our customers to have complete faith in their MI products.

That being said we are proud to bring you the first in a new line of AR-15/ M16 products.

The Midwest Industries Combat Rail Handguards.

These new handguards use our patented 4140 heat treated torque plate and barrel nut and are made of 6061 aluminum with a type 3 hard coat anodized finish.

This handguard has a MIL-Standard 1913 Picatinny top rail, two anti-rotation QD sling sockets, and seven sides of M-LOK slots.

With the new installation hardware these handguards are one of the easiest to install and will not pull off or rotate even under extreme conditions.

These handguards install without requiring the heating of any parts, timing of the barrel nut, shims or special fasteners, and without the use of any Loctite or other adhesives.

This new handguard will be available in seven popular lengths, all with an inside diameter of 1.3 and an outside diameter of 1.5.
Actual lengths and weights are listed below. All weights include the steel barrel nut and all hardware.

A titanium barrel nut and hardware are available for those looking to cut weight.

One five slot polymer M-LOK rail section is included with each handguard.

Like everything we make this handguard is 100% made in the USA and is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

7" handguard weighs 6.8 oz

9.25 handguard weighs 8 oz

9.5 handguard weighs 8.3 oz

10.5 handguard weighs 8.7 oz

12.625 handguard weighs 9.9 oz

14 handguard weighs 10.8 oz

15 handguard weighs 11.4 oz