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Thread: Inconsistencies using XL650 and Little Crow WFT

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    I agree with this 100% ^^^^
    I had a WFT trimmer and would chase the coal all over, adjusting back and forth. I got a Frankfort Arsenal trimmer which bases off the shoulder as well. Same result, but I paid extra attention to the brass. The brass would come out consistent, depending on the headstamps (mixed brass - various collected) and I came to the conclusion it was rifle chamber differences. Since I began using more of my own brass (fired in my own gun) versus a hodgepodge, the consistency was more obvious. If you look at the shoulders and neck of 223/556 brass, you can see some extremes of well-defined sharp lines/angles and some brass just seems rounded at the shoulder edges.

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    The ejector pushes the case forward in the chamber until the case shoulder contacts the chambers shoulder. This means since the WFT trims off the case shoulder the case mouth is in the same position every time.

    What is actually varying in the chamber is your head clearance because the shoulders are not at the same location.

    Below if you trim off the base of the case and have variations in the shoulder location the position of the case mouth will vary. And if you use the WFT trimmer the case mouth will be in the same position because the case shoulder stops forward movment.

    What does change when your cartridge headspace varies after sizing is the head clearance or the "air space" between the rear of the case and the bolt face.

    Bottom line, if you use a WFT case trimmer the case mouth location does not vary in the chamber and only your head clearance varies. The ejector and firing push the case forward, the cartridge goes bang and the rear of the case stretches to contact the bolt face. And the softer annealed case neck never moves and are held in position by chamber pressure.

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