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Thread: Plunk test

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    Plunk test

    A reminder to test fit your duty/defensive ammo in your handgun before loading mags.

    Yesterday, I was shooting some Ranger T through one of my guns. This gun, which is pretty new, has previously digested a few hundred rounds of Ranger T, and a few hundred rounds of ball. It had not yet had a stoppage. And it had been cleaned and lubed within the last 50 rounds. I’ve been vetting it as a carry gun.

    Well, I had a failure to acheive battery. A gentle whack with my palm did not resolve the stoppage. Curious, I removed and inspected the round and saw nothing that stood out to the Mk 1 mod 0 eyeball. I then made another attempt to feed it from slidelock with the same result. Removed it and fired it from another gun without incident. Both guns continued to function without incident. This is the first time I have encountered a quality JHP that was “oversized”.

    Moral: perform PCI/PCCs. Slap mag, rack slide is the correct immediate action, not slapping the slide.

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    Yes, $hit happens. The best, most reliable firearm can fail for bad ammo, a couple grains of sand in the wrong place, or a ding on a magazine.

    Failure drill to stay in the fight, but I'll admit to doing exactly what you did on the range sometimes. I need to add snap caps and fired casings back into my training regimen with my vetted firearms.
    - Rhino

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    And to revolvers too. Decades ago I was shooting with a buddy using his SW M686. Gun tied up completely from a backed out primer.


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