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Thread: Gadsen enhanced war belt or just the basic

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    Gadsen enhanced war belt or just the basic

    This war belt has the built in elastic mag pouches that you can customize the configuration, 2 pistols/ 1 rifle or vice versa. I was just wondering if I am better off buying the basic belt and adding the esstac kywi pouches, cost would be about $35 more doing it this way - only issue i see with training is having trouble re-inserting the mags in the elastic quick enough.

    any thoughts, any experience

    Thanks for the help

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    Most definitely go with the Esstac KYWI's. That's what I run for my M4 mags on my belt (and a Scorpion Softshell for pistol mag) I have found either of those mag carriers to be just about perfect and I have tried several different types. The elastic style that comes with the Gadsden looks nearly impossible to re-insert a magazine quickly and easily, especially one-handed. My rig below:

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    IMHO, I won't run any mag pouches on a belt I can't put a mag back into reliably one handed.

    It's stupid to do a partial mag change/tactical reload and to either struggle to get it into a taco or put it in your pocket (which isn't always an option when in a non standing position behind cover).

    I've cracked one kydex mag pouch, but it was still functional even after cracking. I replaced it but it worked even when damaged.

    I also prefer 2 pistol, 1x20rd rifle mag, pistol holster, IFAK on the belt only. I'm not running gear professionally, and the point of a first line belt is to have it on you. If it's heavy and you want to take it off more frequently, it's less effective. Less and less ammo is felt needed as my skills improve over time. Either I'm going to hit them, or they will hit me given the urban ranges I would be shooting in. Not much sandbox distance trading of flying projectiles at 400+ yards behind cover.


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