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Thread: Talk me out of 36 yard zero

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    Quote Originally Posted by FromMyColdDeadHand View Post
    The problem I see with these discussions is that they don't look at the reality of the sighting system and them ammo, and they treat things as points, not distributions.

    I assume that we are talking about using a red dot, probably 2MOA. Some variant of M193 ammo?

    So we know the dot is 2MOA, and you can't see in the thing. Plus for those of us with Astigmatism, the dot as usually used is a bit less crisp.

    M193 ammo has a mean radius of about 1MOA, but the ES for a 10 shot group runs about 3 inches. Frankly, I think the 3 moa number is more relevant. Take 10 shots and they will be in there somewhere.

    And that is all for a perfectly fixed gun- and an accurate one.

    And that doesn't even get into the wobble of the shooter.

    So I think those graphs need to have the sighting system limitations and ammo accuracy more built in in the form of distributions, not points.

    Red cone for the red dot 'coverage' and black bars for typical distribution of shots.

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    I know you can aim on the edge of the dot, but I'm trying to look at how it would actually work for most of us, shooting a red dot, offhand, in a time crunch.

    I made a similar graph before to use my 4moa dot- sight in at the too and use the bottom for “hold” overs out to 400.
    It actually worked decently with 60gr vmax

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    Quote Originally Posted by Failure2Stop View Post
    This is basically the optimal range for a 100 yard zero.
    Pretty much all you need to do is hold about 2" high from 0 to 25-35 or so (depending on ammo and velocity), and dead on past that, and you will be inside a 3" circle.
    To have the same level of precision, with a 36 yard zero, you would need to have 0-15, 15-40, 40-65, 65-100, and 100-150 holds established.
    100 is waaaaaaay easier.
    A solid recommendation, I may have to readdress my zero distance.
    Proper Planing Prevents Piss Poor Performance.......

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