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Thread: Hunting ISIS (History Channel)

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    That’s a good point. They didn’t show how he got back and forth. However they did say in the beginning that travel details were left out on purpose. I’m assuming to protect how these guys get back and forth.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed L. View Post
    This is exactly the problem. History Channel used to be good. But now has so much crap on it that I don't bother to check it to see what it has playing any more.
    Indeed. History channel used to be my jam, until a) the crap shows took over and b) I realized not all their docs were that great/factual.
    Bummer dude.

    Quote Originally Posted by elephant View Post

    I moved over to the Science Channel which has started to mimic Discovery (the parent company), but for the most part they have some good shows like How its Made, Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, How the Universe Works, Curiosity, Battlebots, Build it bigger, Extreme Engineering but are starting to add more and more shows about aliens and conspiracies.

    American Heroes Channel (Military Channel) has great shows: Weaponology, WW2 in Color, The Color of War, Triggers: Weapons that changed the world, Special Ops Missions, WW2: Witness to war, War Stories, Nazi Secret Files, WW2 confidential, Nazi Assault of Afrika, Evolution of Evil, Ultimate Warfare, Ultimate Weapons.
    All AHC's docs/shows are the same ones they used to show on MC, with some old History Channel thrown in for good measure...

    Science channel still has some decent stuff, if you like watching really massive stuff get built. The new Mythbusters wasn't half bad either.
    I like the theory of battlebots, but I want a REAL battlebots show... get all the best minds in combat robotics from MIT, DARPA, Lockheed, and anyone else into that stuff to build their best bot for field trials at Aberdeen, ending in a live-fire battle-royale. Oh yeahhhhhh.

    Quote Originally Posted by eightmillimeter View Post
    I was thinking about posting about this show after the first episode but wanted to be sure. Now I’m sure, it looks to be a great show.

    In not so many words they actually pretty much tell you how to contact the YPG via social media.

    Further research shows that some of the westerners fighting with the YPG are simply die hard marxists, because the eventual goal of the Kurds is a socialist government of their own, which other westerners are shocked to find out when they get over there.

    Gotta hand it to them though (the volunteers) they have my respect.
    Yep. If anyone here wants to hear all about their socialist ideals, track down some of the documentaries from RT. The fighters talk about it in there occasionally.
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    You all keeping up with this show? That last episode was really heavy stuff. Dead baby, two kids blown apart from an ISIS mortar, more home life for the guys, etc. The US being of no help getting a guy's body home because he was not active mil. The entire episode was just tough to watch, but could not look away. If anything, it yet again, puts things into perspective. I think the show does an excellent job of leaving it to the viewer as to why those gents, mostly from the US, but some from other nations, are there. Ranges from feeling someone has to do it, to those just looking for adventure, to those who are self destructive and looking for a way out. I can't say I feel any better about the world once I'm done watching that.
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    While it is a History show it is also being carried by Viceland, I can watch on either and on demand.
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    I've watched every episode so far except this weeks. I have it on DVR so I'll probably watch it tonight. It's interesting for sure.


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    Will, on your strong recommendation I will watch it (but I'm pretty sure I've already seen it).

    I'm in total agreement though that H. Channel has, first with a .22, then a .38 and finally with canons, shot giant holes in their credibility. They've gone for quantity, not quality: there are more stupid people who want to watch stupid stuff than there are reasonably smart people who want to see "actual" stuff. I have a friend who experienced their new culture first hand. Even when fed facts and truth, they totally cut and pasted footage of her to support their own stupid, I mean really stupid, pre-determined agenda for the show.

    But I mean, really, really stupid. It was so bad it would have been comical if it wasn't them just flat-out making shyte up to make more money.

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