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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolly Green1 View Post
    I took a class with Modern Samurai Project recently. As I recall, Scott that he sights gets it on paper at the 5 yard line, then sights in at the 10 and calls it good.

    It was something like that.
    This is correct. Jedi pushes a 10 yard zero.
    AQ planned for years and sent their A team to carry out the attacks, and on Flight 93 they were thwarted by a pick-up team made up of United Frequent Fliers. Many people look at 9/11 and wonder how we can stop an enemy like that. I look at FL93 and wonder, "How can we lose?". -- FromMyColdDeadHand

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    i lollipop-ed it and shot at 5 yards benched and then i moved out to 10 and tuned it from there. brought it back to five and took shots and took notice of where the shots were hitting.

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