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As for Blackwater, I had a cousin who is a master electrician that was contracted by a major telecommunications company to help restore their infrastructure in NO after the storm. They had people shoot at them while they were up working on transmission towers so the company hired Blackwater to go out with them and "handle" things. No one shot at them anymore after a few incidents. As for the overpass incident, are you referring to the Danziger Bridge shootings? If so that was NOPD not Blackwater.

I have known two guys who were with Blackwater in IQ, both of which are consummate professionals. I can't speak for the rest of them.
There was another reported incident by one PMC "head of security" involving returning fire at gangbangers on an overpass. Similar, but not as blatant (or documented) as Danzinger bridge.

Blackwater claims they did not fire a shot the whole time in NO. Some see them as saviors. Others as extralegal Interlopers claiming they were empowered by DHS.

I don't know the real answer. But suspect it's somewhere in the middle.

I'm sure there are some fine PMCs as well.

But back to the original point, feds and PMCs do surface. And your rights are not always at the top of their list.