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Thread: Fnx 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrigandTwoFour View Post
    I have an FNS-9 (which is pretty much the 509), and have a lot of experience with the FNX-45.

    Bottom line, the FNX is a fine pistol, and will well suit you for most things. My only drawback is that the grip is just a bit long for really easy concealment. I can do it with my FNS (which is basically the same size), but much prefer my P-07 (15 rounds instead of 17). Just that hair shorter grip made a big difference.

    FN gets a lot of hate for their pistols. Not necessarily because they are bad pistols, but because they tend to go through rapid evolution of the designs and then abandon previous models. An example would be the FNP series, which was redesigned to become the FNX. Not much is compatible between the two, even though they seem very similar in design. I'm actually concerned now that my FNS will suffer the same fate now that the 509 is around.
    im thinking the same thing, how long will the 509 be fn latest n greatest. i have decided not to get the fnx9

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    Something to look out for with the FNX pistols...high ambient temps can cause malfunctions. Both my FNX9 and a buddy's FNX45 would not fire once temperatures reached ~90F. Both pistols went back to FN and were fixed free of charge. Google for more info.

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