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Thread: Army looking at 10 Commercial Sub guns...

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    Been permitting CIA contractors to quell narco ops since 1994.

    "You're living on a tax farm as free range humans . . ."

    "The Trump election will be the biggest **** YOU! ever recorded in human history and it will feel good." Michael Moore

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    Quote Originally Posted by FromMyColdDeadHand View Post
    When I think AR15 and 9mm, I'm thinking more the ergos than the actual operating system. Keep the manual of arms as close as you can. Trigger, safety, bolt catch, magazine release in the same orientation. Plus/minus the charging handle. Stoner designed a great rifle, an pretty good carbine and a crappy sub gun.
    If you cannot competently transition from the AR15/M4 platform to a SMG such as a MP5, M10 or whatever, you probably shouldn't be allowed to hold a SMG of any kind...ever.

    The German army managed to field the G3 and the MP2 (Uzi) at the same time and nobody got confused even though they are probably more unrelated than any two weapon systems can be.

    When the FBI, most SWAT teams and just about every other law enforcement agency transitioned from the MP5 to the M4 nobody was complaining that the manual of arms was different and that they can't understand the new rifle/carbine.

    If cops can do it, the military can do it.
    It's hard to be a ACLU hating, philosophically Libertarian, socially liberal, fiscally conservative, scientifically grounded, agnostic, porn admiring gun owner who believes in self determination.

    Chuck, we miss ya man.


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