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Thread: Binary trigger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Bonesteel View Post
    Maybe its just me, but I find a fire on release trigger to be a horribly unsafe idea, and would never even consider using one
    I had a Pac West Armory (PWA) HBAR do that on me - regularly - in the early '90's. My college wingman called it, "the acceptable malfunction."

    PWA was so crappy a mfg., that as the AR craze REALLY took off... they went out of business. It didn't help, that my 'smitty in those days noted, he'd NEVER seen one that DIDN'T have a bent firing pin - the reason MINE was doubling. Ergo, I SURE wouldn't pay hundreds of dollars to MAKE my rifles do, what my crappy PWA did out-the-door (used) of my gun shop 27 years ago.
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    The FA BFSIII works 100% with an H2 buffer and standard carbine spring. The trigger on semi is exceptional in its own right.
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