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Thread: Pocket Pistol Kahr pm9 questions

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    I have one, cool little gun. Until it doesn't shoot.

    I live in Vermont, it gets cold. The gun will not release the striker when its cold. Warms up its fine. I can repeat this 100% by putting the gun in the freezer. Its a known probem, I didn't bother sending it back because they were making it difficult.

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    I got mine back from customer service a little sooner than anticipated. They replace the slide stop spring and recoil spring. I have about 200 rounds through it with no issues.

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    Had a CW45 a few years back. Loved the trigger and accuracy. Endless issues, some of which I was able to fix, most not. Finally dumped it, having better things to do.

    Still prefer duty sized guns, but the .45 Shield offers the same advantages plus reliability. Don’t have enough rounds through it yet but it beats the hell out of that Kahr.

    Even weirder, I picked up a Ruger LC9s for just over $200. Excellent trigger, shoots to the sights, just works.

    Kahr has had, what—20 years to produce a gun that works? Hi-Point does better than that.
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