I have some Q cans. The El Camino is my favorite rimfire can. It is lightweight and super easy to disassemble. It has some first round pop. I love that the baffles arenít keyed and they just slide out when you take the end off of the tube. Which is easier than any other can because you use a socket, not a proprietary spammer wrench.

The Trash Panda and Half Nelson are both good .30 cal cans. I like the Cherry Bomb, but I also managed to get the bomb stuck in the TP. The can has wrench flats at both ends but the muzzle device doesnít. Seems backwards. The can doesnít need the rear wrench flats, but if youíre going to have wrench flats at the muzzle, they should be on the brake/qd mount. I would prefer none; it would make for a cleaner look and be 1/4Ē -3/8Ē shorter.

The one thing I sometimes donít like about the TP or HN is that they are larger in diameter and donít look as good on a smaller lightweight hunting rifle.

I just finished getting a Bergara 6.5CM rifle dialed in, Iíll try and do an accuracy test with the Half Nelson compared to the Omega.