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Thread: Silencer Co. G19 threaded barrel and TBRC comp

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    Silencer Co. G19 threaded barrel and TBRC comp

    For any users with this combo, what have you done to keep the comp from rotating out of time while shooting. Ive tried rocksett twice, and it hasn't been successful. After about 50-60 rds, it starts rotating out of time. I am using the set screws with blue locktite. Barrel and comp threads were both cleaned with acetone prior to adding the rockset and locktite. I haven't tried red locktite yet.


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    I've only got a couple hundred rounds through mine so far. Blue loctite on the barrels threads, and blue loctite on the set screws.
    Same barrel and comp as you.

    At the end of a couple hundred rounds it had unscrewed maybe a degree or two. I loosened the set screws, moved it, and tightened them again.

    If it keeps happening i'll go yard on the blue loctite inside the compensator. If that's not doing it, and rocksett didn't work for you, then it might be time for stronger loctite

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    I used a drill press to dimple the barrel where the set screws meet the barrel. Have not had an issue since

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    I have a similar problem with my KKM Barrel and Comp. It has the flat sides on the barrel threads for the set screws but if I get after it and get it hot, the blue loctite loosens right up and the comp will come loose. Trying to figure this out as well. I have not put anything on the barrel threads, only on the set screws.
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