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Thread: Centurion arms free float handguard

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    Per the instructions from CA, the Barrel nut gets torqued to 30 ft/lbs, loosened, then torqued to 45 ft/lbs. It is loosened again and then torqued to 60ft/lbs. The hand guard screws are torqued as follows: Front screw - 25 in/lbs and rear screw - 20 in/lbs. I hope this helps.
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    The Colt CCU upper I got shot very accurately once I got the Aimpoint T1 zeroed. I use DD back up sights set up at the ends. I couldn't zero it at 25 yards (POI is 2 inches to the left) even with the rear sight adjusted all the way to the left. I suppose it is easy to loosen up the screws and rotate the rail a little bit to the left and resecure the screws. but mine has 3 hand guard screws, 2 that uses a larger Hex wrench than the 1on the other side. what should the torque be on the middle one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 11Bravo20 View Post
    Centurion Arms has the best customer service in the industry....In my opinion, even better than Daniel Defense.

    No doubt about it, they are awesome people.

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