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Thread: 9mm sizing issue?

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    I had the exact same problem you had just a few months ago. I was getting bulge, coke bottle shapes with 147gr. Never had that happen loading 124gr. I loaded up a bunch of 147 plated RN, coke bottle shape but still chambered in the case gauge. Not pretty looking but worked. Then I started up with some 147 HST pulls, and about half would not drop into the case gauge or would get stuck.
    I think the problem is 3 fold.
    1. Dillon 9mm sizing die really tapers the the brass from case head to mouth. 9mm case is supposed to have some taper.
    2. 147 gr bullets, heavier and longer so the are deeper into the case.
    3. Certain brass. Some headstamps of brass will have thicker walls and the deeper seating of the 147's contact these thicker parts of the brass. Normally not a problem, cause most of these cases used to hold 124's and 115's.

    Things I did to fix it. I switched over to Lee sizing die. Brass with headstamps associated to ATK worked ie FC, Blazer, Speer. I was able to get a hold of a bunch of brass all Speer headstamp. I get it on the TOS EE. I am assuming this guy picked it up from a police range. The 147 HST's seat to the same as factory COAL, no bulges what so ever. The amount of force to size 9mm brass Lee vs Dillon is ridiculously more with the Dillon.

    Hope this helps. Google Dillon 9mm die and bulge or coke bottle, others have come across this.

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    Thanks viszla, more confirmation of what I'm thinking is the issue. At this point I'm going to try a little more crimp but I think the brass type is the real issue. I may also try an even longer length at 1.65" just to satisfy my curiosity. If none of this works, looks like I will sorting brass to load these JHP's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas View Post
    I figure a picture might help. The two on the left won't chamber, the one on the right will.

    I went back and pulled a round with CBC brass that wouldn't chamber, double checked the sizing die for correct sizing, set up the 4th station crimp die and then reloaded it. Same result. Then in further testing, got the same result with a piece of Tula brass I found. Interesting thing is, running over the CBC brass with a caliper at various points seems to produce the same measurements as a piece of Win brass that was good. Gotta say I am stumped. Only thing left for me to do is try those same CBC cases with a 115gr bullet and see if the issue is replicated.

    Tried a CBC case with a 1.15" OAL and no dice.
    You are getting a bulge in the case behind the bullet. It appears that you are over crimping and you can even see it engaging the bullet itself. Either that or you are seating too deep and driving the bullet into the case taper which will bulge the case every time. Reset your seating die by backing off the seating stem by a lot. Then reset the die body itself by screwing it down on a sized case until you just feel it engage the case mouth. Then back it off a 1/4 to 1/3 turn and lock it down. Then reset your seating stem for your OAL. Crimp in a separate operation. You will need to get rid of the bell. I've loaded thousands of CBC and PPU which are thicker than most others even with coated lead bullets which are .356" not had problems. Unless I didn't get that bell gone...
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    As I previously suggested; pull the bullets (your 147's) on the cartridges/BRASS that won't chamber.
    Try loading 115's or 124's at SAAMI spec for COAL.

    If the cartridge(s) chamber; your 147's are too long for that particular brass, at the COAL you are using- OR your taper crimp is likely insufficient.
    I'm voting for the former.
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    One more idea:

    I make sure that the seating plug fits the bullet I'm using. For instance, in .45 ACP, when you buy a set of dies, they give you one round nose plug, and one semi-wadcutter plug.

    The round nose plug is generic and fits 230 grain RNL and jacketed bullets okay.

    The SWC plug works fine on 200 grain lead target bullets.

    But for a while I was loading 230 grain flat points, conical flat points shaped like 180 grainers in .40. Neither of those plugs would drive the bullet straight. If you send a bullet of yours to RCBS, for a few bucks they'll make a seater plug that fits your bullet exactly. If you're using anything but SWC or round nose, might be worth a try to eliminate one more possible problem.

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