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Thread: How to choose a firearms instructor

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    How to choose a firearms instructor

    Good video. Comments/thoughts on the subject?



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    The video presents questions that should be asked before a person spends their hard earned money on a course.

    The video provokes thought for the student who is going to seek out a good firearm instructor. A good firearm instructor should not feel offended if a student wants to know a little background on how the instructor A) developed their shooting ability and B) how they developed their teaching ability. The points concerning how an instructor's military background and/or law enforcement background applies are good points to consider.

    A prospective student should know what their goals are before seeking out an instructor to teach them a particular aspect about the use and application of a firearm. If their goal is to become more proficient at manipulating a firearm and shooting accurately, they should seek instruction on those skills. If their goal is to become more proficient at concealed carry and preparing themselves for self defense in a setting outside the home a course with emphasis on that type of training would be more suitable.

    I have found that prior students who were satisfied with a course of instruction and who were able to articulate the practical application of what they learned at the course were some of the best references for future students. When some of the past students are respected firearm instructors, their recommendation carries a bit more weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by C4IGrant View Post
    Good video. Comments/thoughts on the subject?
    Well the video was directed at trainers. I would hope they already had that insight. It all seemed pretty reasonable but if I had to listen to that guy talk all day, I would shoot myself before the class ended.

    I have a very very strong belief that instructors of any nature are sort of naturals. Not unlike musicians or sports people. Everyone can learn but some just do it naturally. Teaching or Instructing is like an art.

    If a student's necessary goal was to fill up a 100 gal container with knowledge. He could burn out with 50 instructors. Or, overflow it with 3. Now let's say those 50 trained with 50 each, and the 3 trained with 3 each. That's sort of how I see things happening. I can appreciate that the 50+50 crowd will be exposed to some new or never before seen techniques, but the 3+3 crowd might be able to turn out more proficient students which is the goal.

    I don't know. I didn't find him impressive. Not that his points are wrong it just seemed like another Youtube vid for the sake of a his channel. Never heard of him, he may the best thing since sliced bread but if i had money to spend on training I would look elsewhere. That's just the vib I got.

    and like I say, I can't stress enough how special I think certain people are to be able to really communicate and instruct with better than expected results for the students. It's a bit of rare gift almost.

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    If I am training to operate firearms under a stressful situation, why wouldn't I want an instructor who had done that, repeatedly, and knows what lives and what dies? What I would want is a combat-experienced instructor. There are guys like this out there and in addition, some were cops after combat. Don't you think their experience is going to be of more benefit that learning from a bench shooter?


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