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Thread: 2.5-10 magnification, or close to it. What do you pick?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwknutson17 View Post
    I'm in the 1-8 camp here. The CQBSS and Minox ZP8 would be my choices. Plenty capable to 700. The Minox other then super bright illumination takes it for me. But as others mentioned, have to test drive it to see what I'm talking about.
    I don't like the LPV scopes with 34+ mm tubes with 5.56mm platform rifles. With 7.62mm, its a different animal. With the smaller cartridge, the thick tubes scopes add a lot of mass over the rail which is high above your hand. The ZP8 exists in an odd space as it only has a 24mm objective, which is off putting for how big the tube is. It's not a bad product, it just misses a few big marks for me. The Swaro Z8i with the BRT-i makes much more sense for 5.56mm rifles to me. The illumination is painful bright when needed. Despite being longer due to the what is more or less a built in sun shade, it feels like a much smaller scope.

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    My honest feeling is, unless you really really need more than 4x, it is very hard to beat an acog. The size and weight are hard to ignore.

    But I guess that is a different discussion

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    The 4x ACOG gets a lot of crap for the short eye relief, but given the intended application it isn't horrible. The field of view through a 4x ACOG is nothing short of epic.
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