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Thread: Ballistic Advantage Hanson profile barrel vs Sionics Medium Contour Barrel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iraqgunz View Post
    Accuracy is subjective and can be affected by a variety of things such as optics, ammo, weather and of course the shooter. I could tell you that there is some kind of MOA guarantee, but that would be lying.

    We don't pin the gas block because there is no need to. BCM doesn't pin them either and people generally don't seem to question that. In all the years where the low pro gas block has been in fashion, I have yet to see one that has come loose from usage. I have seen plenty that had issues because the assembly process was incorrect.
    I guess if you do something and do it right, it just works. Is there any benefit of screwing it on vs pinning it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegasshooter View Post
    My experience with Sionics is their lightweight barrel on a Patrol Rifle 3 XL I have. The barrel is super accurate. Like, much more accurate than I expected with the LW profile. I was very pleasantly surprised.
    I thought the same thing about my LW Patrol Rifle 3 XL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeeter98 View Post
    What kind of accuracy (precision) can be reasonably expected from your barrels? An why use set screw instead of pinning the gas block?
    In all my years dealing with AR's, the most frustrating thing I came across was attempting to remove a BCM gas block. Heated it to the temperature of the sun, beat it, called it names, tried to reason with it, etc., and it simply wouldn't budge.

    True story.

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