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Thread: Ruger LCP vs. Smith J-Frame: Pros & Cons?

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    I looked both of these over when looking for my first ccw. I opted for the S&W 642 because it fit my hand the best. I also found one that did not have the screw to lock it, so that was an added bonus. This is coming from a huge Ruger guy also. A good friend has the Ruger, which someday I may get anyways. The Smith shoots pretty well, just a tad to the left, but that could be me.

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    "I came across a Hogue version I didn't even know existed. Anyone have experience with them? I wonder how they rate compared to CT".


    I have 3 airweight 637-2 J-frames and three of these grips. They are a bit large, but can still be pocket carried. My brother and wife were not strong enough to activate the awkwardly positioned laser button. I have extremely strong hands and could, but it was quite painful where the flexor tendon for my second finger crosses my wrist. I fixed that by building up the area in front of the activation button with a flexible "bar" made of Plasti-dip. The built up button adheres well, blends well enough that it isn't noticeable as an add-on, looks reasonably stock, and makes the grip fairly comfortable and usable. When all was said and done, I only left one of the three installed. The lighting angle in the photo below was chosen to light the "button" harshly and make it stand out more than it usually does.
    As an aside, I installed titanium cylinders to reduce the weight and converted all three revolvers to 9mm.
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