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Thread: Ruger LCP vs. Smith J-Frame: Pros & Cons?

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    J frame model 60
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    Ruger LCR is superior to the S&w but you asked about S&W so...

    Both. .38 on belt, LCP in pocket.

    But if it must be one...

    I would not carry the LCPII with its light trigger in a pocket, so I'd carry the revolver.

    I wouldn't trust the LCP until it got to 200 rnds without stoppage. I'd carry the .38 after 50. I'd be impressed if the LCP could make that 200 rd test.
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    I have both and do agree the LCP isn't built to take thousands of rounds, still, it's so dang carry-able. I have the version with red trigger, not the latest one LCPII

    I like the simplicity, inherent reliability and panic proof nature of my 442, which has the Crimson Trace grip

    I know, kinda' like tits on a bull, but it is very effective training wise ... keeping the red dot in a small area during a double action trigger pull will make you a better shooter no matter what you shoot

    Plus, to me, it's a visual deterrent if I can give the bad guy a chance to see it
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    I have a 640 & 642. I also had an LCP which was replaced by a SW Bodyguard .380 (no laser) which is basically the same size as LCP. For the purposes of this conversation I'll just refer to both as LCP.

    The LCP sees far more use/carry than the other two J-frames. More rounds, faster reloads and I find the recoil/follow up shots to be more manageable and faster. To be honest the 642 rarely leaves the safe and the 640 only makes appearances for hiking/backpacking as we do have some black bear and I have some hardcast short barrel rounds.

    For me the LCP typically rides front pocket or strong side IWB. I do not find the J-frame to be comfortable for pocket carry.

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