Below is a review I posted on Malkoff's website for their new Bodyguard MDC (E2) head, which also applies to the complete Bodyguard flashlight.

I am using the Bodyguard head on a Malkoff 2-CR123 body powered by a KeepPower 16650 2500mah Li-ion cell;


The MDC Bodyguard is essentially the E2 Super/Scout M600 High Output head with a few important modifications to make it an ideal hand-held light for self-defense or law enforcement use.

Like the single-output E2 head, it will always (and without fail) activate on maximum output. There is no user programming to get “unprogrammed”, mechanical high-low switches that can be inadvertently set on low output, and no two-stage tail cap switches that have to be fiddled with. In fact short of a depleted battery, there is no way to have the Bodyguard activate on anything other than maximum output – which for the intended purpose (self-defense, suspect apprehension, etc.) is mandatory.

What makes the Bodyguard unique compared to the single-output E2 heads is that it automatically steps-down to a medium output (150 lumens) after about 10 seconds. The transition from maximum output to medium is immediate, like switching from high-beam to low-beam in your car. Not only does this extend runtime and minimize heat build-up, but addresses the primary challenge of using a powerful single-output head on a hand held light: searing retina-burning output is not always needed.

On my sample, the step-down occurs between 8 and 9 seconds. Once the step-down occurs it’s just a quick blip of the tail cap switch to get back to maximum output and reset the timer. A blip of the switch before the step-down occurs will keep the output at maximum for as long as needed. Otherwise once the light drops into 150 lumen mode, it stays there for as long as the switch remains on. I find this medium output ideal for more utilitarian purposes (such as walking the dogs, navigating a trail, etc.), something that the single-output heads intended for weapon mounted use are not practical for.

Like the E2 heads, the Bodyguard is fully potted to ensure extreme ruggedness and durability. The TIR lens provides enough spill to maintain situational awareness and more than enough throw (lux) to illuminate targets at a distance – or to temporarily blind an assailant at close range.

Additionally, there is flexibility on type of battery that can be used. Using the 1-CR123 body, either a standard CR123 battery or a rechargeable 16340 cell can be used. With the 2-CR123 body, either a pair of CR123 batteries or a single rechargeable 16650 cell can be used.

Like all Malkoff products, the Bodyguard is superbly crafted and is obviously intended to last a lifetime. After experimenting with many different lights to carry daily for self-defensive purposes (both light alone and in use with a pistol), the Malkoff MDC Bodyguard has in my opinion set a new standard.


I'm very pleased with this light. At 5-inches long and 4 ounces in weight, it carries comfortably in a front pocket yet produces 600 lumens (and 10,000 to 12,000 lux) on a single Li-ion cell, or 900 lumens on a pair of CR123 batteries. As is the Malkoff tradition, it exudes quality and is obviously made for hard use. I am attending a Low Light Pistol Operator course next month at the Sig Sauer Academy and this light will get some live-fire evaluation at that time.

So far I very much like what I'm seeing.