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Thread: Ar build ideas

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    Ar build ideas

    I need some ideas for a build. I currently have a 16inch ar and I just got a 10.5 pistol with an SBA3 Brace. I have a savage lower and a kak blade in my safe so I thought I should get around to building something. Any ideas! Rifle pistol is fine. I'm slightly leaning towards an m16a2/a4 clone seeing as I don't have a 20inch barrel. If I did do another pistol i would want a different caliber, but also don't like the idea how add-on another caliber to the stockpile (300BLK)

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    Depending on how you start and most importantly, how you finish, determines the build. What are you needing or wanting this build for? I just built a 11.5" Noveske/KAC: CQB/Carbine hybrid. Why, because I can jump in and out of my car with it with out getting in the way or minimizing my flexibility or movement. I can also climb over my fence with it as well as go through doorways and hallways quite easy. Its easy to pull up to shoulder, throw behind back our of the way and when SBA3 stock is fully collapsed, the OAL is just 27.5" which means I can either carry this in my Haley Strategic Incog carbine case or a Pelican case I am currently having cut to fit this weapon with 8 mags. I built this specific weapon for a particular purpose: self defense and personal protection. I wanted a setup that I could use either day or night in all weather conditions, have the ability to attach a suppressor, have the ability to use night vision goggles and have an overall a small footprint and not take up too much real estate. I know that using Knights Armament and Noveske parts, if I need to sell this weapon, I would find a buyer within hours because it has the brand names associated with quality and brand names that have great resale value.

    Im not saying you need a reason or a motive to build. But sometimes if you have a purpose it can help in the creative stages and help you stick to a goal so that you final product is exactly what you wanted. Im not saying you need to pick only expensive parts or use only certain brands but I will say this: Chose brands that compliment each other.

    Are you just building this because you have left over parts?

    Do you need or want a 20" barrel M16 clone? A lot of people are building M16 and vintage clones right now, parts are available and supply is good.

    Think about what you most likely will need 1-5 years from now and build that.


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