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Thread: Wilson combat series 80 removal

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    Wilson combat series 80 removal

    Has anyone ever had Wilson combat do a series 80 removal on a kimber before? Iím thinking about sending one in, and having it done.

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    No, but itís a simple swap out of parts.
    If youíre not comfortable doing it I have no doubt Wilson would do a good job.
    Youíll pay ďfull lick retail +30-50%Ē however.

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    Kimber uses a Swartz safety. Totally different than a Series 80 arrangement. You have to remove the rear sight to get the plunger out. The only good thing about it is that it doesn’t require a spacer in the frame to take the place of the levers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyTactical View Post
    I definitely donít feel comfortable doing it.

    If you can change spark plugs on a car, you can accomplish the Schwartz delete.
    But, if you donít feel comfortable doing it, your idea makes sense as well.

    Are you sure they will do the work? Some companies will not remove a safety device.
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