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Thread: Best 300 AAC Blackout Dies and Reloading Set Up?

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    Best 300 AAC Blackout Dies and Reloading Set Up?

    Getting into 300BLKOUT and looking for the Best 300 AAC Blackout Dies and Reloading Set Up?

    I have a Hornady LNL AP and not likely to change that out. Looking for advice on best dies to get and best practices for 300BLK OUT

    On my list is:
    RCBS Full Length .300 AAC Blackout Die Set
    L.E. Wilson CG-3ACC AAC Blackout Case Gage

    Anything else I should get?


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    I just loaded by first batch of 300 blkout. I used the Lee set.

    The Wilson gauge is great. I have one for everything I load.

    I deprimed on a universal depriming die. Then sized with no decapping/expander stem in the sizer die. Finally, expanded the neck with a Sinclair mandrel die. Bullet seating was with the seating die, nothing fancy there. I did not use the crimp die.

    Other than that, it is standard stuff like priming tool, caliper, powder dispensing/charging.

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    I shoot a 300 BLK out of a BCM 9” barrel with BCM PNT trigger and Aimpoint H1. With this kind of setup, and others like it, I only full-length resize and seat. I use Hornady dies in a LNL progressive press. I’ve not found any additional steps to be necessary in producing quality ammo for this type of rifle/cartridge combo

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    I went with these and am very pleased thus far https://www.midwayusa.com/product/74...n-3-die-system

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    Wilson gauges are garbage...

    Get the Hornady head space comparator setup for a micrometer. Much more precise to read a number than go "eh, is it higher than the low ledge and lower than the high ledge? shit I dont know".... Plus the Wilson gauges are HUGE in every other dimension since they arent meant for more than head space...and they aint that good at that in my experience.

    If you want gauges get Sheridan gauges.

    As far as dies, I pretty much only use Forster.

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    I run Dillon dies in my XL650, but with a Redding full length sizing die. I also use a Sheridan slotted case gauge, which is a hell of a lot better than the Wilson case gauge.
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