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Thread: 224 Valkyrie SBR?

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    224 Valkyrie SBR?

    Iíve exhausted my googleFU and canít find anything. I donít really have any specific question other than has anyone tried it? Whatís the shortest barrel to stabilize the round short range for excellent terminal ballistics, 8.5Ē - 12.5Ē and have a rifle that is accurate and effective out to 600 m or more? From what I can tell a 77 grain Sierra match King may already do the job well enough, I just havenít seen the question asked or answered yet.

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    Larue was showing off an 11.5 suppressed upper receiver group chambered in 224 Valkyrie at the Big 3 East media event last October, right about the time that Federal started promoting the cartridge. The upper uses Larue's proprietary suppressor design and the barrel has a 4.5" suppressor mount permanently attached so that whole thing only requires a stamp for the can.



    The SURG uppers are for sale on Larue's website, but to my knowledge they are not selling a 11.5 barrel Valkyrie barrel separately and they are only available on the uppers with the suppressor mount already attached. I think the Valkyrie will probably be a barrel burner, but I don't think the cartridge has been out long enough to tell for sure.

    From what I can find the muzzle velocity for that Larue upper hasn't been published online anywhere. It might be worth giving them a shout if it's something you're really interested in. If they'll give you some real world data on what sort of speed they are getting from their short Valkyrie uppers you'll have a good idea of the kind of effective range you can expect.


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