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Thread: 224 Valkyrie SBR?

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    I don't see any reasons not to do it if you want the performance from the longer, higher BC projectiles. Throat/barrel life will suffer if you push it harder than the SAAMI MAP of 55ksi, but at or under 55ksi, it shouldn't be too hard on throats.

    A lot of 5.56 NATO loads run 58-62ksi, for example.

    I took the specs of the .224 Valkyrie and input them into an internal ballistics model that has proven to be dead-on with 6.5 Grendel. Narrowed the neck, case capacity, and baseline figures appropriately based on SAAMI and Sierra published data for a 24", then started modeling shorter barrels.

    For a 77gr TMK load going 2900fps from a 24", I wanted to see what the numbers should look like for 18" and 12".

    18": 2750fps (should be between 2700-2800fps with a wide range of barrels and rifling profiles)

    12": 2514fps

    11.5": 2487fps

    Those aren't much different from 5.56, so shooting the 77gr TMK doesn't seem to make sense.

    With the 69gr TMK 24" reference at 3100fps

    18": 2940fps

    14.5": 2809fps

    12": 2687fps

    11.5" 2658fps

    10.3": 2582fps

    Same thing

    With 55gr going 3350fps from 24" Valkyrie reference

    10.3" 2791fps

    Sanity check 5.56 55gr:

    11.5": 2910fps with PMC, 2958fps with XM193

    The speeds aren't that different with bullets that fit inside 5.56 mag-fed. The real advantage is being able to shoot the longer-ogive projectiles from the mag in the AR15 in the .224 bore. For those that want to chase that for the real long-range benefits, I think the 88 ELD-M is going to be one of the main bullets to beat.

    I've been extremely impressed with 88 ELD-M from .221 Fireball Improved, even at 1000yds. You can actually hear it impact.

    The Valkyrie will give target shooters several great options for long range, low recoil, and hunters a few options for heavier pills that will penetrate more deeply into vitals of medium game.

    Going SBR with lighter weight projectiles doesn't seem to offer much over existing 5.56 NATO, but Valkyrie SBR with the 80-100gr class of .224 bullets will provide real performance advantages for hunting and distance.

    The cartridge makes sense for those that have switched from mv focus, to BC focus, because of the real downrange benefits of higher BC. If you're looking for impressive numbers at the muzzle just for the sake of a mv race, Valkyrie probably isn't the cartridge for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markm View Post
    So my 10.5" .22-250 project won't be ideal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by markm View Post
    So my 10.5" .22-250 project won't be ideal?
    Ideal flash bang.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clint View Post
    The two things you don't want in a cartridge intended for a short barrel are a small diameter, high sectional density projectile and lots of powder.

    The V has tends to run heavier bullets and a little more powder than .223, so it will be a little more blasty than .223.

    The 6.8SPC, 277WLV and 300BLK are much better suited for SBR use.
    I have to agree. While I love my 11.5 and 12.5 5.56 SBR, they are range toys.

    For a shorter suppressed setup I pick a barrel length then the cartridge that works well with the length.

    Here are my hunting choices.
    9-10 barrel I would go with 300 blk
    11.5- 12.5 277WLV
    10-12 458 Socom
    12.5+ 6.8 SPCII, I prefer 14.5 for 6.8
    14.5+ for 5.56
    16+ for 308

    On hog hunting where Im moving around and getting in and out of vehicles I prefer shorter the better. In the blind where Im still I dont care about barrel length.

    OP I guess it depends on your end goal what you want to do with the gun. If you just want to target shoot 500-600 yards the valkyrie probably isnt the right round, much less in an SBR. 500-600 isnt a problem for 223.

    Quote Originally Posted by markm View Post
    So my 10.5" .22-250 project won't be ideal?
    Thanks for the laugh.
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