I was passing by Brownells retail shop this last week and noticed about 20 mismatched-color Retro clones on their sales rack. A few of the XBRN16E1 (partial fence, three prong) and more of the BRN-16A1 (full fence, bird cage) IIRC.

First picture gets to the adonizing mismatch, which is very pronounced. I might have bit at $899, but these blems do not look sufficiently like my recollection of the actual rifles. None of the 601s or XM as blems, which would have been more interesting. From what I saw in my visual inspection, no other build issues -looked solid function-wise, save the plastic of the triangle handguards.

A71F1FF0-0929-48CD-88C2-C2479AF40C9B.jpg. 08245E21-455A-4A08-BD53-E2B6836A1ABB.jpg. CD3765F7-E3A5-4E94-A5D8-172BB0D78EA3.jpg