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Thread: reflects 90% body heat

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    Not going to do any E or E, I can leave confined spaces, vehicles or structures. Like I said, hard to imagine.

    The only thing there I'd worry about is fuel, and here in Seattle, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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    They are not technically wrong from a scientific standpoint, yet I can see why real world users have deemed them "shit".

    Heat works in three ways:

    Radiative- How these blankets "reflect"

    Conductive- think cooking bacon in the pan

    Convective- boiling eggs or noodles in water

    In space suits (my shit) mylar is the main insulation because there is no air or ground to steal your heat. Only the sun or shadow. Here on earth though conductive andd convetive heat flow are exponetially larger than any radiative heat flow, especially at night. Now if you managed to roll yourself in the mylar like a burrito it might reflect some of your radiated heat (again not very much) but the main benefit would be it would block convective (airflow) heat loss. Just trapping the little poclets of air around your body and allowing them to heat up would be the "warmth" if any you would get from this device. A real sleeping bag would be SUBSTANtially more comfortable. But a smart person in a survival situation shouldnt deem these completely worthless.

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    There are several vids on the use of those mylar sheets. I think they are like a knife or gun to some extent. It's how you use it and what other things are around you.


    I saw Cody Lundin put one across a slanting rock face, then put clear mylar as a front face and a fire outside that. Supposedly the fire heated that living space.
    It was an episode of him and Dave C.

    this guy shows some closeups of the mylar after one nights use... He's doing a "I got lost unprepared" type deal.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdOCuGb4108 42:00 he shows the damage of his mylar sheet.

    He also has a pretty cool jacket I have never seen before. You stuff it with leaves and brush as insulation. He claims it was really dry the next day so useful for tender.

    There are many more vids. If you watch enough of those hiking vids all the most experienced people have the mindset that every piece of gear they travel with has to have two or more uses.

    Not sure if you have seen those sleeping mats by thermarest but the Thru Hikers swear by them. Very light and also made to reflect heat internally. They make a yellow one and gray one. The gray is a little more robust I believe.


    While a good sleeping bag might run you $350 and pack into a space the size not much larger than a softball I have heard people say the REI stuff is very good too at 1/3 the price and only slightly heavier.

    ETA: Here's that shelter Cody made.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvKLOMgtM1Q
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