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Thread: reflects 90% body heat

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    reflects 90% body heat

    We've all seen the advertisements for the mylar-lined emergency bivvy that reflects 90% of your body heat to help keep you warm. Makes sense, sort of, but what about when you're using it as an emergency sleeping bag when it's so cold that you need to keep your pants, shirt, fleece, and winter jacket on (i.e. survival situation, below freezing, you have no better sleeping bag, no fire, etc)?

    Will the reflective property of mylar do any good if you are wearing all these layers of clothes? How much heat will escape these clothes to be reflected back?

    I'm asking because I am working on several options for an emergency "stay warmer" shelter setup for my EDC kit, but it involves relying on a small mylar bivvy sack and a GI parka with candle lantern (would prefer something like a HPG Mountain serape, but that's not in my budget). The reflective bivvy is intended more to keep me dry and out of the wind or rain rather than keeping me warm, but any added warmth will help.

    My idea is based on this...

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    You're best bet is what you have for a lightweight/compact setup. Some kind of structure or setup that can shelter your head/neck/face as well would be helpful using the same type of materials for cover, but something that can create a structure to shelter the head.


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