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Thread: New Army PT Test

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramairthree View Post

    For my last ten years or so in, if I had been king for a day, I would have made a one event PT test.

    Put on a 40 pound ruck. Go four miles. If it took over an hour you failed. If you did it in under an hour you passed. Under 40 minutes you were a stud. Under 32 minutes you were a super stud.
    This. Oh, so very this.

    And absolutely do it in the rain, sunshine, mud, sleet, snow, sharknado, etc. Unless you have no-shit lightning hitting the ground or a typhoon flinging POV's across the parking lot, it goes.

    And you go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T2C View Post
    I do agree with setting one standard for everyone to meet. Establishing different standards for different genders is counterproductive to team building.

    I would think that everyone in the U.S. Army should be able to fill the role of rifleman, regardless of specialty. If it hits the fan, a technician may have to fill the role of rifleman. Determine what the job requires and set a standard for meeting that requirement. It may require some of the technical types to hit the gym more often than they do now.
    It would require so much more than that.
    Sic semper tyrannis.

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    With all those events, the only thing I am thinking is..."first call, 0200"
    It is from the construction of underground FEMA camps. I can't say more because there a guy parked in front of house in an AMC Pacer. He is acting like he talking on the phone, but I know better.

    I have to sign off now & put my laptop in the microwave.
    - cqbdriver

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