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Thread: Right hand corner with a shotgun (right handed shooter)

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    Right hand corner with a shotgun (right handed shooter)

    How would you suggest negotiating a right handed corner when using a shotgun as a right handed shooter? limited space/narrow hallway

    stock over the shoulder?

    switch sides?

    stand farther back?

    low ready/up?

    stock under armpit?

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    Assuming you are slicing the corner. Transition to left shoulder, right eye closed, muzzle low ready, at least two inches inside the corner - so you don't lead with your muzzle.

    Start slicing as far back from the corner as you can, at least as far back as the hall is wide. This way as you get further along in your slice you have more options for movement in response to a threat. You options are not as great if you are right on the corner. Of course, you also have to have enough stand off to bring your muzzle up behind cover.

    The problem with over the shoulder is that you are prone to exposing the stock of the shotgun or your elbow (unless your different than me) as you slice the corner. Plus I really know of no way to do it with a conventional stock shotgun.

    As far as I'm concerned you need to be able to transition shoulders when using a long gun, especially when searching.
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    Use as much space as you have.
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