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Ah, so you're an old(er) bastage like me!

Rifles we had at my first permanent duty station were either Colt, Hydramatic, or H&R. Mine was a Hydramatic. I do recall seeing one Colt stamped XM16E1. No doubt these had all been arsenal rebuilt at some point.
Lol. Yeah, that one they gave me in basic, was well worn. I remember that I kept getting a puff of gas in the eye, everytime I shot it. Our SDI put electrical tape around where the stock met the receiver, so I could see straight to qual. The one I got after basic was better...at least I didn't have to tape up the gas leak. Even with that old rattle-trap rifle, I was able to qual expert...a testimony to how accurate, even though it has it's drawbacks, the AR platform is.