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Thread: Edc knife suggestions

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    Update to my requirements:
    It must be able to be carried like an m16/21- clip on the right side of the hinge, point down, back of the closed blade forward when in right pocket- i think this eliminates the voyager.

    Thickness is key- i prefer the g10 m21!to the m16 zytel because it thinner. I would say .5” max, but flexible depending on everything else.

    Gripable blade, the loop of the spyder/byrd knives wins here, m21 is decent. Just need enough material available to get a solid purchase on the blade.

    Grip slip prevention- either the flipper like on the m21 /16 or a deep groove in the handle- the thumb ramp on the spyderco/byrd accomplishes this indirectly.

    Lockup, i want to be able to use the back of the blade without fear- m21/16 wins. Im not hanging my it, i need it more for accidental release than raw strength.

    Lastly, grip:blade ratio i would like as close to 1:1 as possible, feel like the m21 loses out here.

    If i could move the clip on the voyager, id probably buy one, but doesnt look possible, am I wrong on that?

    Sorry, i should have done this in OP, but didnt think it through clearly before posting.

    Edit: why is the endura 4 more expansive than cara cara2, better materials? Both look very good
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    Could be blade steel, grind, and possibly where it was made. I think they have knives made in USA/Japan/China.
    I have also noticed a lot of fakes on the market, spyderco, benchmade, zt.....

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    The Cara Cara 2 has an 8Cr13MoV blade and the Endura a VG-10 blade. Vg-10 has the advantage of being slightly more more corrosion resistant than 8Cr and in terms of edge retention VG-10 seems to have the advantage (I've read arguments that make the case that most users won't notice the difference). One thing to consider is that the Cara Cara 2 has a finger choil which make the cutting edge 3 3/16" whereas the Endura's cutting edge is 3 7/16". Both are advertised as having 3 3/4" blades.

    I don't think you could go wrong with a Cara Cara 2 (under $35 with G10 handles), but my suggestion, since I own a Police 3 G10 with VG-10, would be an Endura.

    Just thought of this, another Spyderco you might be interested in is the Resilience. 8Cr steel, 4 1/4" blade, and G10 scales. Under $55.00.

    I still prefer the Endura though.

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    I've carried Al Mar folders for years.
    Not Hi Tech, but well made, serviceable and they check your boxes.

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