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Thread: Up to $2500 What Thermal Sight to Get?

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    Up to $2500 What Thermal Sight to Get?

    Can spend Up to $2500 What Thermal Sight to Get?

    Seems like a ton of options from $2,000 to $2500

    Will be hunting Florida scrub and brush up to 100 yards

    What have you compared and why did you choose and why?

    Any particular problematic models to stay away from?

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    I looked at it extensively about 10mo ago. Pts223 seems to fit your needs well.

    Anything else in that price range that Ive seen has very low resolution. The pts looks to be alright although limited range, its greater than your needs from what Ive seen posted.

    im sure guys with experience will be along shortly.

    Post some links of what your looking at when you have time.
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    Some of the ATN's have been hit and miss (3 of same model 2 good, one back for warranty work ) still I went with ThOR 1.25-5 384288 (60hz) if my budget would have been in your range I'd went with 1-10 640480 model.. I've been looking for another themal options for few years, then seen that one I got on sale. I'd prefer larger front lens. Had looked at Pulsars 50Hz ones too, I about bought one.
    Best tips I can give is go for higher Hz models 50 + the 30 Hz one I have is best for non moving scanning ie fixed objects or slower game.
    Second tip make sure it has replaceable batterys not a internal rechargeable battery that is a fail in my opinion. I got to use one of them at work good for first year about then battery life issues and shutting down with a charged battery too.
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