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Thread: Is this too much pressure? ;)

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    I had a similar weird experience probably 10 or 15 years ago.

    Went to the gun show. Ammo man was selling 5.56 with SS109 bullets for a reasonable price, in fifty round boxes. Stuff was made in Greece. Open up the box, this stuff looked beautiful. Three-stake primers, green sealant neatly applied, pretty brass and bullets. I wanted to buy a case, but I thought better make sure, so I only bought a fifty round box.

    Took it to the range and shot it in my Mini-14 truck gun. Good heavens. Minis are not known for accuracy, but this stuff made buckshot patterns at 25 yards. Some rounds failed to cycle the gun--if you can't cycle a mini-14, something's seriously wrong. Some of the primers fell out. You could feel the difference in recoil from round to round.

    After about 25 rounds I quit and put the rest of the box in the trash. Good thing I didn't buy that case!

    Moral of the Story: just because ammo looks good, doesn't mean it isn't dookie.

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    I keep an old single stage on the end of the bench to pull bullets down on shady ammo like that so I can get some use out of the components.
    "You people have too much time on your hands." - scottryan

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