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I agree that it's surprising that it works. I'm also surprised that they didn't sell well for under $600, so Century stopped importing them. Regarding 5.56x45 AK magazines, I've experienced poor reliability with the Arsenal SLR-106 series (due to overgassing instead of the magazine), but my 5.56x45 Vepr's, Beryl, Serbian M95's, Serbian M85, Galil and Chinese Type 84 are all 100% with their factory magazines. Heck, I even have a AK74 chambered in 5.56x45 that runs using Bulgarian waffle magazines. I think that a big reason 5.56x45 AK's have such a poor reputation is that people use the wrong "factory" magazines in them. Just because they lock in does not mean they'll run in the rifle reliably.
I've just seen a lot of examples, even Chinese, that just never quite worked very reliably. I've also seen a lot of people try and run NATO mags in HK rifles and I've never seen that conversion work very well. Even a lot of the aftermarket magazines designed for the 93/33 rifle when it was still being imported failed to feed reliably.