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Thread: Potentially Dumb Vltor A5 Question (or I知 a genius)

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    Thanks for the insight/facts gentlemen! This case is closed.

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    From the Vltor FAQ.

    1. Can I use a carbine spring and buffer kit with the RE-A5?

    You cannot. The use of a carbine spring and buffer with the RE-A5 receiver extension could result in damage to your firearm. The RE-A5 receiver extension is designed to only work with other VLTOR A5 components which can be purchased separately.

    2. What stock can I use with this receiver extension?

    The outside diameter of the Vltor RE-A5 receiver extension tube is made to mil-spec dimensions, so it will accept most mil-spec AR15/M4 stocks. This receiver extension will NOT work with commercial dimension stocks. Because the Vltor A5 receiver extension tubes are longer than standard AR15/M4 mil-spec receiver extensions, compact closed-back stocks like the Vltor Imod will NOT close all the way down to position #1 on the RE-A5. Larger stocks, like the Vltor Emod, WILL close all the way down to position #1. If you are planning to utilize a compact stock, you may want to consider purchasing the RE-10/A5SR 6-position A5 receiver extension. Compact stocks WILL fully index into position #1 on the RE-10/A5SR. Both of the Vltor A5 receiver extensions (RE-A5 and RE-10/A5SR) are the same length and serve the exact same purpose, the only difference is in the number of stock positions, and the placement of those stock positioning notches in the bottom indexing rail. If you need any additional information, please email TechSupport@Vltor.com

    3. What if I need a heavier or lighter buffer for my weapon?

    The A5 kit was specifically developed to use different weight buffers depending on your need. There are 5 different weights to allow you to fine tune your weapon. The weights are: 3.8oz, 4.56oz, 5.3oz, 6.08oz, and 6.83oz. The A5 combo kit comes with the A5H2 buffer. While we sell different buffer weights, the A5 combo kit is only sent with the A5H2 buffer and we do not offer substitutions. You can purchase the different pieces to the A5 kit from our webstore.

    4. What is the overall length of the RE-A5?

    Overall physical length is 7 15/16″
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    Don't know why they don't spell this out, over travel of the bolt carrier results in the gas key striking the rear of the receiver/buffer tube, a proper length buffer acts as a stop to prevent this from happening.
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