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Thread: My lever action defensive rife or "Cowboy assault rifle" if you will...

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    Depends on what state you go to. Some liberal states are pretty screwed up, and some of my travels will be taking me into Canada as well on my way to AK. Besides, cowboy guns are cool, and fun.
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    A couple of 8 shot revolvers and a lever gun in 357 is not a force to be dismissed.

    Iím not saying I am going to clean a few racks of plates and a couple of Texas stars and some poppers as quick as I would with a magazine Fed Carbine or semi auto pistols,
    And speeloader or moon clip reloads, let alone the lever gun reloads are not going to be on par,
    But You can be a force to conetend with.

    I thought a pump would be faster than a lever gun, but all I have tried and the two I own just canít be worked as fast as a lever gun without getting some malfunctions.
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    Having grown up with a old 1916 Win 94 as the homeís first deer rifle and primary defense firearm, I have an affinity for lever guns for both woods and home. Although my current home defense rifle is a BCM middy, I also have a Marlin 1894 to go with my S&W M29 .44. Mainly for fun but also for camping. As you stated, I would feel very comfortable with just my lever gun for home defense. It filled that role in many homes for nearly a century.

    My Marlin is pretty much stock with a Leupold 1.5-4x VX2 in a DeadNutz mount. Fortunately it is accurate with the same 240 gr handloads I favor for my revolver. And it really loves shooting a Hornady 240 gr XTP ammo.
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