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Thread: 2 (or 3) suppressors to rule them all??

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    I have not shot the L on any semi guns, only bolt guns. It was very impressive on a 300 win bolt gun. Like everything it's going to be a trade-off. Length and weight vs. sound reduction, etc. I would say the L is fantanstic for guns on bipods and on a bench. The K is fairly loud compared to the S, especially on shorter barreled guns like an 11.5. Right now mine basically lives on a 13.7 gun and I'm very happy with that set-up. With you wanting a can for a bolt gun, and the S is Handy enough for you an L and and S doesn't sound like a bad combo. I basically impulse bought the K due to the HPA pricing they offered.

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    Im not familiar with these cans you are considering, but make sure you can't accidentally put a 556 can on a 7.62 gun. Ask me how I know that can go bad!! Its great to be able to switch the cans around on several guns. AAC didn't figure this out, Sig did. Look into that for sure.

    Again, my suggestion is get a full sized 5.56 can and a full sized 30 cal can rated for 300WM. And yes cans are just as addictive as guns. So you will buy niche cans down the road but for now, hit your big bases.

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    For a dedicated bolt gun can the SiCo Harvester is a nice choice for your 6.5 and .257. It's very lightweight, suppression is good, recoil reduction is nice, and price is reasonable. It is direct thread and not rated for FA so not ideal for ARs. I impulse bought this one due to a group buy opportunity without really having a great host gun for it. It's on my 16" 5.56 that I've put a little magnification on and decided to leave it configured as such for hunting since I now have an 11.5" with an MRO. Someday it will be dedicated to bolt guns, precision or hunting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegademiC View Post
    Why the push for .22 cans. Are they that much quieter than a 9mm can with 22 endcap? Is it the size weight?
    22 cans are great. Light, short, and fun.

    I have a Tirant 45 that I use primarily on a couple of 9MM SBRs. I have shot it on centerfire 9MM and 45 pistols but to me, centerfire pistol suppressed is underwhelming - not overly quiet and the form factor is huge compared to unsuppressed. I maybe have 200rds with it on centerfire pistols over 2 shooting sessions in the years I've owned it.

    For me rimfire pistol suppressed is far more enjoyable - much quieter, cheaper (pistol, suppressor, and ammo), and smaller (pistol & suppressor vs centerfire equivalent). Much more useful for pest control as well.

    Not saying centerfire pistol suppressed sucks, but it sucks in comparison to all rifle / SBR suppression and rimfire suppression.
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