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Thread: Many choices of Gp-100 these days

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    I've got about 500 rnds through the GP100 .44 Special now. It's a good gun!

    I had one issue. The pin that goes through the top strap and secures the rear sight assembly began to drift out a little. I took it out, cleaned it dry, applied some loc-tite and put it back in. It hasn't moved since.

    The two brands of .44 Russian (New Starline brass loads from HSM and Ultramax) I've tried were both more accurate than the .44 Special cowboys loads and FMJ loads I've tried. (About 3 kinds) So that's what I've been shooting mostly. The common .44 Special 200 gr loads (practice loads) and .44 Russian 200 gr loads have the same, light, recoil. All of it works from the same ammo strips and HKS speed loaders.

    All empty brass pops out of the chambers easily even after a 100 rd session. The shorter Russian cases even more easily because the ejector rod pushes them all the way out.

    Highly recommend the gun.
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