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Thread: Return to absolute zero

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    Return to absolute zero

    Who here has actual results of return to absolute zero on a precision rifle/optic?
    Price isn't too big of a deal because I want something dependable.

    I have a D-760 that I want to be able to swap out between the two and I will most likely be buying the RAD mount from TNVC lthat has a Larue QD mount for it.
    One guy at our range claims his LaRue mount will always be with a click swapping between 2 rifles. But I want to hear it from other guys, wasn't sure about his claims.

    I just want this mount for swapping 2 optics on ONE gun.

    I probably will go with a 34MM and its for a 20" GAP 6.5 CM

    Scope on this rifle now is a G2DMR and I want no excuses. I want to be able to swap out and hit first shot as I would with my Badger solid mounts.

    Will a torque wrench do the job good enough?

    I will have my 760 zerod with a suppressor and the day scope be zerod non suppressed but knowing my POI difference.

    Thanks guys! Maybe yall can help me decide. Right now I know of Alamo 4, GDI, ARMS, Larue, Lupy, Spur,etc....

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    My LaRue and Geissele mounts have both remounted to zero.

    Used to swap between an ACOG w/ LT mount and an EOTech on an LT riser on one rifle, and another rifle had a Razor 1-6 in a Geissele mount that also had an ACOG with an LT mount.

    All remounted to zero. I just put witness marks on the Geissele mount and remounted it with a 1/2” socket wrench. I never used a torque wrench, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt.

    In terms of absolute precision, given these were on gas rifles with chrome lined barrels, I wasn’t bench shooting them. But confirming zero was always POA/POI at their respective 100 or 200 meters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100 View Post
    Who here has actual results of return to absolute zero on a precision rifle/optic?

    Easy answer for that one, check out the below. The results speak for themselves after actual testing, and not blown up paid for shilling from a manufacturer.

    It should be pointed out the below are all QD mounts, and the better of them pretty clearly stand out. If you are looking for a non-QD which you can tighten via t-wrench, KAC has been tested by the military and come out on top, but that was years ago and not include the G mounts. I should also point out that SPUHR is fantastic from everything I've done and seen first hands with their mounts, including QD and fixed.


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    I also shoot and write for various publications. Let me know if you know cool secrets or have toys worthy of an article...

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    I’ve remounted Nightforce and Badger Unimounts to one MOA when torqued appropriately. I’ve not tested any of my QDs (Bobro, Larue and ADM) to the same degree but, when remounted, have noticed a enough to make me want to rezero.

    If you’re only swapping optics on one rifle, is there a reason you don’t want to use the Badger mounts with which you’re familiar?

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    I dont subscribe to the one scope several guns, but it can work. You really don't know until you try your recipe and see if it works. If it works it works. I run different ammo ELD's and Noslers 168's out of my LMT MWS. I have a .3 wind shift with one vs the other.

    Go for it and figure it out.

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    NF UniMount, Badger UniMount, Badger steel rings, and Operational Products QD mount have all returned to dead nuts zero for me.

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    Leupold, NightForce, Geissele, KAC, and Badger non-QD mounts that affix with 1/2" nuts at 63-68in/lbs on their appropriate threads are the best, hands down; proven repeatedly in Military and independent testing. I am probably forgetting another manufacturer or two, but these all spring quickly to mind.
    When properly mounted (per manufacturer and/or best-practice methods), they all return to within 0.1 mil, with many in the literally 0.0 area.
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    I have removed Geissele and Spuhr mounts on precision bolt guns, reinstalled to proper torque and make first round hits on targets 700+ yards. I don't run QD mounts for anything other then red dots. I think the RTZ is so good across almost all quality mounts mentioned here already that it's kind of a non issue when installed properly.
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    Iíve only had one problem with a QD scope mount not returning to zero and that was a LaRue mount on a Flir thermal scope. It only had an issue once so it could have been the software. Not real way to say 100% if it was the QD mount. This mount was the single lever type and the mount itself has the screws epoxied to the thermal. I tightened QD lever up on the mount and re zeroed and havenít had any problems since. Zero shifted by about 2 feet.


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