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Thread: Largest .30 Caliber Silencer Testing Event Ever

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    The Sig numbers look a little disappointing. I have a QD SS model on the way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickman View Post
    Agreed, it seems like testing is never a level playing ground, and in this case bolt actions are being tested instead of the much more popular AR15/ AR10 variants.

    Decibal ratings area almost always very close to each other, and it doesn't seem cans have evolved much over the last decade or two. Maybe can research has hit a plateau , I'm not really sure, but when the sound barrier looms over the head of shooters, it is hard to think it will get better any time soon.
    worry not about the DB ratings. I have so many cans its stupid. And the DB game non sense. Its a very small part of the story. If you have a 12 inch 30 can it will be better than a 6 inch 30 cal can. But weigh more ....

    Its all about compromise. I have 6 Sig Cans, they are great.

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