Why are there helicopters circling over Pittsburgh?

PITTSBURGH - Monday night several helicopters were seen flying low over the city of causing many Pittsburghers to question what was happening.

At Channel 11 we received several calls, and got many more messages on the WPXI Facebook page.

Tonight on 11 at 11, we're finding out what else you can expect from these military exercise and when they're supposed to end.

Viewers reported as many as six helicopters over the city, sometimes flying at heights that appeared to be just a few hundred feet above the ground.

Channel 11 reached out to public safety officials and we're told it is part of a military training exercise

"This is a planned exercise in cooperation with local authorities and is not in response to any current events. The exercise is expected to have minimal impact on the public," a release from the city on July 20 said.

Video on their FAZEbook page...

We've had plenty of protests - blocking city streets, the courthouse & DA's office, downtown streets - even I-376 - after local police shot a local thugga recently. Gearing up for the court case, perhaps?