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Thread: Overtorquing flash hider

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    You can't overtorque a crush washer. The torque stays the same as it crushes, until it completely crushes. The whole idea is to just turn it until it's indexed. Very simple device, pretty much a no-brainer. You didn't damage anything except the crush washer, which is, what....$.75. I've never used anything except crush washers for years to install a muzzle device. Shims are a PITA. Maybe a preferable route for a precision build but I wouldn't know...I've never striven for precision exactly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taekwondopreacher View Post
    Op-Which barrel did you buy? The stainless one?
    Yessir, I have the SPR stainless. Centerpiece of my Centurion build.
    Itís not like the recoil on any 16Ē (or even my 12.5Ē) is actually bad, but I liked BRTís gas design and profile. And, the barrel is undoubtedly more accurate than I am capable, so I also like the idea of a known good quality.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmac View Post
    You can't overtorque a crush washer. The torque stays the same as it crushes, until it completely crushes.
    I'd bet that there are some garbage crush washers out there that don't meet this description. For A2 flash hiders, I use them too. I even re-use them when they've not been smooshed much.

    I've installed so many shim devices that I dread that ass ache incredibly.
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    There is no torques value for an A2 styled flash hider. The manual clearly states it is based upon alignment.

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