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Thread: Tavor 7 at Triggercon

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    Tavor 7 at Triggercon

    Hey there,

    We do a "very mini shot show" here in the northwest. Got myself into industry day for a quick look see. One of the more impressive items I ran across was the IWI Tavor 7. I was impressed. Fully Ambi (at user level - not armorer level), decent trigger. Good ergonomics. Heavy but the weight is mostly back against the body. Talked to one of the IWI guys (ex .mil type) who had a lot of time behind it. He said he was averaging 1.3 MOA and had gotten a .38 inch group at 100 yards as his best effort. So... you figure allowing for "truthful hyperbole", lets say its a 2MOA rifle. Based on what I am seeing (mlock, pic rail, good controls, ambi…) and a MSRP of 2300, I think I'll have to have one.

    They also had the 12 gauge. That thing looked like a Starship trooper prop gun.


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    I'll get one, but I'm going to wait for the price to come down. The retail on the 7.62NATO Galil Ace is $2099, same as the Tavor 7. The 7.62NATO Galil Ace is currently available for $1550 to $1650. Once the price of the Tavor 7 gets to the same point, I'll own one.


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