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Thread: BE-86 chronograph results.

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    BE-86 chronograph results.

    I know there isn't much data on BE-86 out there so I figured I'd post my results. With 147 grain 9mm HST pulls, I was able to get an average muzzle velocity of 987 fps with Alliant's starting load, which also happens to be Hornady's max load out of a Glock 19. With Alliant's max loading, I got slightly above factory advertised velocities with 1055 fps. I'm impressed with this powder. Because my 9mm sbr has a 5.5 inch barrel, I think I will settle on the lower end of the powder range because I'm trying to keep the bullets from going supersonic and the velocity from the 19 is still respectable. Hopefully this helps anyone who was wondering about BE-86.

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    I'm liking it too.

    With the ACME 122 NLG flat point coated hardcast I'm getting 1110 at 5.2 grains out of my M&P 9 FS. I bumped it to 5.4 hoping to land at about 1200 with this bullet. Ought to make a nice cheap 9mm NATO clone load for practice.


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